The BBC Has Finally Confirmed That Luther Season 5 Will Air Over Christmas


We’ve all been pretty excited about the fact that Idris Elba was caught filming a new series of Luther over the summer, but even though we suspected that it would probably be shown over Christmas at some point we had never had that confirmation off the BBC.

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Until now that is – the BBC just fired out the following tweet confirming that John Luther will be returning to our screens this Christmas:

Yeah, I know that they haven’t actually decided what day they’re showing it yet – hopefully they’ve bumped it onto the Christmas Day schedule and have bumped some toss like Mrs Browns Boys or Call The Midwife off it, but I imagine it’ll probably be on the weekend before or something as that’s what they tend to do with their big budget shows. They tend to keep the lighthearted crap for Christmas day, except for the Eastenders Christmas special which in all honesty never ever fails to disappoint. Hoping to have that back to back with Luther, but I really can’t see it happening.

If you missed the first clip from the new series of Luther then click here. Looks like they haven’t missed a beat.


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