BBC Breakfast Is Showing Doctored Footage Of Boris Johnson Laying A Wreath At The Cenotaph

The era of fake news.

The era of fake news is well and truly upon us and you never really know who you can trust – including Sick Chirpse, yeah we’re fake news lol gotcha! – but this becomes even more of an issue in the run up to the general election when major news outlets are trying to improve the images of people involved in the election.

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This was painfully obvious this morning when BBC Breakfast were called out for splicing some footage of Boris Johnson laying a wreath on the cenotaph yesterday as part of Remembrance Sunday. People began to criticise Johnson yesterday because he was pretty scruffy, had really bad posture and laid the wreath upside down on the Cenotaph, so the BBC decided to cut in some footage of him from three years ago instead when they were doing a recap this morning.

Some guy on Twitter called Mike Galsworthy broke down what happened perfectly:

Geez. I mean I know people care a lot about Remembrance Sunday – as they should – but were Boris’s actions really so bad that they needed to be edited out and replaced? And moreso did the BBC really think that nobody would notice given how bad of a job that they managed to do about it? I can kinda see why the did it but even so it’s kinda baffling and bizarre that they even felt the need to, especially when it was so terribly done. Really really weird, but I guess these are the kind of lengths that those in power will go to in order to remain there and how they’re so worried about the upcoming election that they literally need to do everything in their power – through fair means or foul – to make sure they don’t lose any votes. Crazy.

And just to prove that we don’t hate Boris Johnson indiscriminately over here in Sick Chirpse, Jeremy Corbyn was also savaged by the public for delivering too tiny of a bow when he placed his wreath on the cenotaph. Don’t think that footage has been doctored anywhere yet though.

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