We Sent Batman_LDN To Boomtown Fair And Here’s The Video


If you saw the pictures you’re probably dying to know what Batman_LDN got up to at Boomtown Festival. Here’s the video.


So yeah, if you’ve been tuning in to Sick Chirpse the past couple of weeks you’ll have known that we sent Batman_LDN to Boomtown festival to cover it for us. He already sent us back his photographs – which are fvcking sick –  but he just sent over the footage of what he got up to at the festival last weekend and boy does it look like he had a sick time. Check it out for ‘interviews’ (re:sessions) with Illaman, High Rankin Live and Tigerlight as well as all the crazy shit he got up to that weekend. Looks like he had a sick time over at Boomtown. Anyway check out the video and stay tuned to Sick Chirpse for more coverage of festivals and events in the future with Batman_LDN because this is only the beginning.

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