Basketball Player Ruthlessly Takes Out Heckling Fan (Who Happens To Be A Kid)

Pure savagery.

It must be pretty difficult to be a professional athlete and face torrents of abuse from people you don’t even know every single game without really being able to do anything about it. Sometimes you get an opportunity though and in that instant, you’ve gotta grab it with both hands.

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For Chicago Bulls player Tony Snell, that happened last weekend. He was playing against the New York Knicks and came up against some typical New Yorkers and their kids sitting in court side seats who just wanted to trash talk him all game. Then, he finally gets an opportunity to shut them up in a way that there’s going to be absolutely no repercussions. Get a load of this:

Yeah, I mean I doubt he meant to do that, but I suppose he’s not exactly bummed out that he took that schmuck out. Having said that though, professional athletes should probably be able to keep a lid on their aggression a bit better.

Those kids and the father did seem like they were complete and utter assholes when you get down to it, so they probably did deserve it. Just a shame that it looks like the Bulls got completely and utterly battered judging by the score in the third quarter. Snell should have really shut them up by just completely dominating the game – that probably would have shown them better than just jumping into them.

For more of the same, check out this goalkeeper attacking the fans behind his goal. Not so subtle as Snell.


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