My friends in Basement toured the United States in the summer and made a really rad documentary about it.

I said a couple of weeks ago that I was going to bring more punk rock to Sick Chirpse when I posted the Fest 10 Wrap Up video, and unlike most of my other promises that I half heartedly make on this site I’m actually going to follow through on this one by bringing you Basement’s tour documentary from when they toured the United States this summer.

I met the guys in Basement a few years ago when they were called In This For Fun but I don’t think anyone could have predicted they would turn into a 90’s style emo band and blow up quite as much as they did. They might get a lot of shit on forums from ripping off Title Fight (apparently) and other dumb stuff like that but the fact remains that whenever I hang out with them they are still just as safe as they were all those years ago despite their newfound success.

Their guitarist Alex is a really safe guy – despite being straight edge and a Christian which are normally characteristics I associate with dickheads – and he is a responsible for this documentary which he said he made just so he can show everyone how much fun they had when they toured the United States. There’s a lot of bullshit around ‘promo tools’ like this video in the ‘punk music industry’ but I actually believe Alex and his intentions and that makes the documentary all the more enjoyable. There’s hardly any footage of shows and more just of the guys in Basement hanging out and checking out the different cities and more importantly eating a lot of dumb American food. After all, I guess that’s what being in a band is REALLY about – just eating all the best food you can find in all the different places you can go.  I know I spent a lot of time doing that for sure. Check out Brap or Crap if you don’t believe me.

You can check out both parts of the documentary below. It’s really great and it definitely looks like they did have a lot of fun. Watch out for Alex’s voiceover though, it sounds super lame.

Basement & America Part 1. from Alex Henery on Vimeo.

Basement & America Part 2. from Alex Henery on Vimeo.


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