Base Jumper Falls 4,000 Feet, Doesn’t Die

richard henriksen

BASE jumping is crazy as fvck as it is, but when you’re swinging off a gymnastic high-bar to launch into your jump then you’re asking for trouble. And this guy gets in some serious shit.

richard henriksen

You’re either deluded as fvck and think you’re Superman or have a massive pair of boulder-balls or just simply do not give a flying bullshit about anything if you’re one of those mutant breeds that partake in BASE jumping. It’s strictly only for stinking mad-heads and if you’re afraid of heights then you’re as likely to do it as Stephen Hawking is as likely to slip one into Cheryl Cole.

And this guy, Richard Henriksen, is one of those guys that obviously don’t give a monkey’s bell about absolutely anything. As if BASE jumping isn’t ballsy enough, he takes it to another level and decides to swing off a gymnastic high-bar so, I’m guessing, it gives him an extra edge to launch into his jump. But as Rich is swinging, the high-bar breaks (probably because he’s pretty fat) and he falls 4,000 feet off the cliff and loses any edge he was hoping to gather. It was all filmed for a Norwegian TV show and instead of becoming a bit famous for being pretty cool, he’s now become a bit more famous for being too fat for a gymnastic high-bar.

He didn’t die, though, as he whipped out his parachute. Lucky, lucky bastard.

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