Here’s Legendary Bare Knuckle Boxer Bobby Gunn Putting His 70-0 Undefeated Record On The Line

Bare Knuckle Boxing

Fight club in real life basically.

The world of bare knuckle boxing is dark and murky and underground by its very nature due to the illegal nature of the sport, so it’s surprising that Rolling Stone were even allowed to go and film reigning world champion Bobby Gunn’s comeback fight where he was putting his 70-0 undefeated streak on the line.

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Rolling Stone did get access though and so you can now see a bunch of guys standing around in a circle in a parking garage watching two other people go at it in a fight:

Hmm. That was a bit boring and a bit too much like an actual boxing match for my liking, but I suppose it still serves to highlight just how tough Bobby Gunn actually is.

In the meantime whilst you’re waiting for that fight to never happen, watch this documentary about a bare knuckle boxing league trying to make it to prime time and the problems that they’ve encountered on the way.


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