Barclays Close Branch That Has Just One Customer Who Refuses To Go Online Or Use Cashpoint



I sometimes wonder if at one point in my life I’ll just straight up refuse to use new technology because I just don’t understand as pressing three buttons in a sequence is too difficult for me or whatever, or if that’ a trend that’s hopefully going to die with the older generation. Fingers crossed.

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Anyway, this inclination has been illustrated yet again by the couple in this story who are distraught that their local branch of Barclays is shutting down because they’re the only customers that use it regularly, so there’s literally no real point in it existing. 84 year old Peter Wisby and his 81 year old wife Elieen have been travelling to the Tower Bridge Road branch in Bermondsey once a week near their house for however long in order to do their banking and are upset that they’ll now have to travel two miles to the next nearest branch, especially as Peter lost one of his legs in a motorbike accident back in 2003.

However, I can’t really feel that sorry for them because they straight up refuse to utilise any of the new-ish technology that would make their lives a lot easier for reasons that don’t really make any sense. Here’s what they had to say about their situation:

They just tell a pack of lies. They say people aren’t using the banks but it’s because they are putting obstacles in the way all the time.

Over the last year they deliberately shut the tills down, and then reluctantly they will open the till when I kick up a fuss.

You get a lot of people and they just have a natural aptitude with a keyboard and I’ve never tried online banking, I refuse to do it.

I won’t take money out from a hole in the wall either because they are too dangerous.

They said in the letter it was Borough High Street or Fenchurch Street, there’s no way we can get to either one every week.

They’re trying to force this banking online on us, I’ve got a mobile that my grandkids bought me, and I can use it to text.

They said they’d show me how to bank online on it, I said “no way”.

The other week we were looking at the bank statement and it had £150 Just Eat and £150 Debenhams, both online, and we don’t use online.

The more you use the system the banks are forcing on us the more it’s easy for people to do fraud.

Jesus Christ this pair sound like a couple of bores don’t they? I get that it’s nice to have a routine and it’s upsetting when that’s disrupted, but you can’t expect everything to stay the same forever because technology does improve and in the case of online banking it literally makes your life so much easier. Especially if you’ve only got one leg and it’s hard for you to travel to the bank in the first place.

Sure, maybe they’re scared of fraud but 9 times out of ten you just explain that to the bank and they give you your money back straight away if you get targeted. In any case, they’ve just been victims of fraud without using online banking, so it’s not like they’re even safe from it by staying offline and solely using their local branch.

Basically nothing about any of their logic makes sense other than the ‘this is how I’ve always done it, I’m distrustful of new technology argument’ which at this point is just so annoying and frustrating for everyone involved, including Peter and Eileen Wisby themselves. Get with the times please, it would be so much easier for us all.

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