Barbers In Iraq Are Absolutely Killing It

Barbers Of Iraq

They’ll light their razor on fire and wax your entire face.

I only really know about Iraq from what I see in the western media and it does not look like the kind of place I want to visit any time soon for obvious reasons.

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Of course though, the picture painted in the media is only one aspect of life there and there’s a lot more going on there than meets the eye. One such thing that I would never have imagined was so sick there is the quality of their barbers as the video below shows.

It’s a supercut of some Iraqi barbers absolutely killing it with a variety of different customers. They wax people’s faces, set their razors on fire to cut off people’s facial hair and get that fade just right. You pretty much are going to come out of the barber shop feeling like a million dollars if you visit one of these guys.

Hot damn that is slick. Why the hell can’t people cut hair like that in this country? Such talent and so rapid in their work, allowing for a variety of different hairstyles too.

They’ve just absolutely smashed it basically. Not sure about getting my entire face waxed, but I suppose if you wanna look that good then you gotta go through it.

Now check out some of the worst hairstyles in history. Sure the barbers of Iraq would have something to say (and hopefully do) about them.


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