Everyone Is Going Nuts About The Suit Barack Obama Wore To Talk About ISIS

Has Obama stopped giving a crap?

In a press conference where Barack Obama admitted he had no clear strategy for fighting a broader battle against terrorism (other than sending Task Force Black out to destroy the Islamic State leaders), the main focus afterwards was on the President’s choice of threads.

Along with loads of articles saying the suit was not a good look, here are some of the jokes being cracked on Twitter:

I’m no fashion expert but not too sure what all the fuss is about here. It’s not the greatest suit in the world, a little drab I guess but not particularly ill thought out or anything. Come to think of it it’s a wonder how Obama isn’t switching up his suit game more often; a world leader on the big stage could have the fashion world wrapped round his little finger if he wanted to. Either way it’s still summer isn’t it? He should be able to wear what he wants.

Could he have rocked the suit a little harder? Probably. But maybe America should stop talking about what he’s wearing and worry about how he’s doing on the Presidential side of things.


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