Barack Obama And The Cuban President Just Had The Most Awkward Handshake Of All Time

You would never catch Donald Trump doing this.

Barack Obama and Cuban president Raul Castro met up on Monday in Havana’s Palace of the Revolution, and it was supposed to be a historical moment where the two nations could start fresh after years of tension and distrust.

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Well, whatever they discussed during the meeting was completely reset when it came time to say their goodbyes.

Just watch this:

I mean just look at that:


Obama’s wrist looking limper than a piece of spaghetti. Looking like the kid who has to get dragged out of bed to go to school.

Say what you will about Donald Trump but think he’d ever be caught dead with his wrist going limp like that? In front of the President of Cuba no less? No chance. Obama just set US/Cuba relations back a thousand years and he knows it.

P.S. Big up that guy in the front row firing off a million photos on his iPhone in about 5 seconds. That’s real dedicated journalism right there (we should know).


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