Barack Obama Celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Barack Obama Pirate

Apparently it was International Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday. I didn’t celebrate, but Barack Obama did. Obviously.

Barack Obama Pirate

Barack Obama seems to be getting desperate in his attempts to be re-elected (although I’m not really sure why because after that 47% gaffe Mit Romney seems to have shot himself in the foot) as can be seen by his latest escapade into winning over the public by admitting that he celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Since he’s been in The White House has he actually done anything except party and have a good time? Being President looks like it’s kind of fun, especially if you get to do stuff like fire marshmallow cannons and take part in karaoke and live reddits and play basketball and sing Call Me Maybe and other cool stuff like that all the time. If only I was American, but hey if Arnold Schwarzenegger can get elected and he’s Austrian I guess I’ve got a shot right?

To show that he was down with International Pirate Day Barack Obama tweeted (he’s obviously in charge of his own tweets, right?) the phrase ‘Arrr you in?’ and a picture of him with a pirate in the White House (the one you can see above). However, if you look closely at the picture you can see that Barack Obama’s hair is actually pretty black which indicates the picture was taken a while ago as he’s pretty grey right now if you haven’t noticed. 4 years in the White House will do that to you I guess. This opens up another question – just what the hell was Barack Obama doing in the White House with a pirate when it wasn’t International Speak Like A Pirate Day?

Another question that this might invite is why the hell does International Speak Like A Pirate Day even exist? It seems like the stupidest holiday ever. The only people I can see taking it seriously are people who are obsessed with pirates and they probably already speak and act like pirates anyway, kinda like that loser in Dodgeball who was a pirate for like, no reason. Other than talking about doubloons and landlubbers and shivering me timbers  – how the hell do you even get that kinda crap into your normal vocabulary for the day.

I guess I’m slightly biased because I really hate pirates – I’m way more of a ninja guy and if you need to know why check out this old article I did about internet fact or fiction, specifically the part about real ultimate power –  but I still think it’s stupid and the fact that Barack Obama endorsed it makes me think he’s an idiot. But on the flipside I realise he’s trying to appeal to idiots by doing it and that he probably will succeed and get re-eleected, so I kinda have to give him props anyway. The sooner people stop celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day though the better.


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