Barack Obama’s Victory Tweet Is The Most Popular Tweet Ever


Not only did Barack Obama break records by getting re-elected last night, he also broke Justin Bieber’s long held record for most popular tweet ever with his victory tweet.

Barack Obama Election Win

If you’re anything like anyone in the world who is sane, then you will have woken up this morning (or maybe even stayed up all night to see who got those pesky swing states Ohio and Florida) pretty stoked to find out that Barack Obama is going to be in charge of the USA for another 4 years. Sure, Obama hasn’t been the greatest President but he does do a lot of cool stuff like sing karaoke and fire marshmallow cannons, and Romney was a fvcking idiot and some of his policies were downright reprehensible. If you don’t believe us check out the Sick Chirpse comparison of Obama and Romney that we posted yesterday, although it isn’t really that important because Obama won and hopefully we never have to think about Mitt Romney, except occasionally to make a joke about him being an idiot and/or a loser.

Anyway, being the modern tech savvy President that he is, Obama chose to celebrate the news of his re-election with a tweet. Within 20 minutes this tweet had become the most popular tweet of all time which is just awesome. I know normally on Sick Chirpse I would probably just take the piss out of it or be sarcastic (I already posted a picture of John Terry celebrating with Barack Obama on our Facebook page and twitter feed so I am already kinda doing something towards that) but I was genuinely scared last night when I went to sleep about 2am that Mitt Romney might win the election which would have just been terrible as it probably would have been even more embarrassing than George W. Bush’s tenure. I was really apprehensive this morning when I reached for my phone to check who had won so it made me feel pretty relieved that it was Obama and pretty happy to see this tweet.

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I guess this means that twitter users are mainly democrats? Or just that the fact that Barack Obama embraces technology – like when he did a live reddit AMA – makes him more appealing to the tech savvy among us? I’m sure there’s some kind of useful stat about this out there. In the meantime here’s a screengrab of the tweet as it stands now with 547,000 retweets and 184, 556. It’s pretty beautiful and kinda makes me feel like the end of a movie where the hero has vanquished a huge evil and embraces his girlfriend. You know, like that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie End Of Days (where he has to fight the devil) or something. Oh yeah, and you’ll be pleased to know that the previous record belonged to Justin Bieber, so hopefully that will wipe the smug grin of that twat’s face, much like the release of the Justin Bieber sex doll probably did.

Anyway check out the picture below and if you want to make it even more popular head over to Barack Obama’s twitter feed:

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Barack Obama Victory Tweet


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