The ‘Banksy Of Punctuation’ Has Spent 13 Years Correcting Bad Grammar In Bristol

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A true hero of our time.

An unidentified man has been secretly correcting bad punctuation on street signs in Bristol, causing him to be dubbed the ‘Banksy of Punctuation’.

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The ‘grammar vigilante’, as he’s also known, has revealed he’s been carrying out the task for over 13 years. He works at night time to conceal his identity, using the ‘Apostrophiser’, which is a special tool he created for his work.

Banksy Punctuation

Apparently, the idea to carry out this task came to him when he corrected a shop sign for ‘Amy’s Nail’s’ in Bristol by removing the second apostrophe.

Since then he has corrected a whole range of signs in the city, anything from hairdressers, to estate agents to motoring garages.

I have to agree with him their. It really is a crime when your using the wrong grammar and spelling. Its’ just plane wrong.

Did you see what I did there?

For more on the real Banksy, here’s a recent video which claims to show the artist at work.


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