Banksy Artwork Depicting Politicians As Chimps Has Been Put On Display To Mark ‘Brexit Day’

Devolved Parliament

Happy Brexit Day.

Today’s the day people – we’re exiting the European Union after a relatively easy negotiation period and now the country is control of its own destiny finally! Hooray!

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OK so we all know that that didn’t happen and we still have no idea what’s going on with it, but Banksy has again excelled in his role in providing the most cutting social commentary out there by unveiling a piece of artwork at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. It’s called ‘Devolved Parliament’ and features the House Of Commons depicting as chimpanzees and monkeys.

Couldn’t really be more apt could it:

The piece was originally displayed in the museum as part of the Banksy V Bristol Museum exhibit back in 2009, but the artist felt like now was the right time to bring it back and put it up again.

Yoma Smith, trustee of Bristol Museums Development Trust, said the following about it:

It’s great art, and great art is a reflection of society.

It raises a mirror to society and discusses the mood and landscape. That’s what Banksy does.

He points a mirror back at society, so this is exciting for us, it’s exciting for the museum and it’s really exciting for Bristol.

Pretty exciting stuff, just a shame about the whole Brexit shambles I guess. Still, at least we know we’ll always have Banksy to count on to tell us how society is screwing everything up. Nice one dude.

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