Bam Margera Claims He Was Never Legally Married To Nicole Boyd As She Files For Separation



Whenever Bam is in the news, it never seems like it’s good news and after he was accused of assault last week and went on the run from police, he’s now claiming that he was never legally married to Nicole Boyd after she filed for separation from him.

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Even if that is true, that’s hardly going to be a good look for the guy is it? Bam has made the claim as he and Nicole fight for custody over their son Phoenix, with Bam straight up saying that his 2013 marriage to her is not recognised as legal in the United States.

Here’s what the papers that Margera presented to the courts had to say:

Boyd and I both resided in Pennsylvania from about 2010 to 2021.

During these eleven (11) years, Boyd and I would occasionally travel outside of the state of Pennsylvania for business or vacation, however, we always maintained our domicile in Pennsylvania.

My relationship with Boyd has been turbulent and unstable from the beginning.

We have taken breaks from the relationship on numerous occasions.

Boyd would regularly leave the family’s Pennsylvania residence during these breaks and go stay with her family in California.

However Boyd would always come back to Pennsylvania soon thereafter and we would resume our dating relationship.

Boyd and I have never been married, legally or otherwise.

To my knowledge, Boyd has never legally changed her name in any state to ‘Nicole Margera.’

Every driver’s license or other form of identification I have seen Boyd possess bears the name ‘Nicole Boyd’.”

We did have a faux [wedding] ceremony.

I fully knew and understood that Boyd and I were not married.

Boyd told me that she also knew and understood that we were not married.

She lived in Pennsylvania until 2021 when we broke up and she made the unilateral move to California.

It was during this time period that Boyd filed for custody and financial support of the child with documents filed under a false name of Nicole Margera as opposed to Nicole Boyd.

She moved to California, in part, for the purpose of filing these actions in California to take advantage of the putative marriage laws that exist in California but not Pennsylvania.

Boyd used the fake name to fit her false narrative that the pair were married and that she qualified for legal separation in the state of California.

Well, I dunno, that does sound like it could be real, but it’s kind of weird that the pair would have a false wedding ceremony? And also that it sounds like as if Bam kind of misled her about that as he was well aware that she might end up leaving him and claiming for spousal support? Not a good look for the guy.

Boyd’s lawyer David Glass responded to the claims with the following statement:

This was the first time my client has heard the claim that the pair were never married.

She was told that the wedding would occur in Iceland and that it was all taken care of.

She had a wedding ceremony, and then returned to the U.S. and lived like a married couple with Bam for years.

Boyd in good faith’ believed she was married to Margera and at the very least is considered a putative spouse under California law and is entitled to division of property and spousal support, in addition to child custody and support.

Uh oh. That’s a bit fishy that he immediately referenced the California law putative spouse aspect of it all, sort of implying that Boyd did know about the details of their ‘arrangement’ and fled to California in order to file her lawsuit.

Sounds like she also has a bit of a case though, especially if she didn’t originally know that the marriage was actually official? Probably one to keep your eye on.

As for the whole case, I know that divorce proceedings are almost always messy, but it’s really something else when one party is questioning if they were even married in the first place. Truly wild, but I suppose you don’t expect anything less from Bam these days do you?

For more of the same, check out when Bam was filmed screaming at Nicole recently before being arrested for public intoxication. Not a good look once again.



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