Bad Lip Reading Is Back With A Take On ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’


Taking it up a level.

Bad Lip Reading is practically an internet institution now and every time they return with a new instalment it doesn’t fail to disappoint.

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This time they’ve returned to tackle Star Wars icon Yoda, but it’s slightly different to their usual style of video. Instead of just doing some bad lip reading and vaguely creating some kind of story around it, they’ve instead decided to bang out a full song.

And even though the song is predictably completely and utterly stupid, it’s actually really funny and pretty damn catchy – there’s some great interplay between Luke Skywalker, Yoda and RJD2 and it’ll seriously get stuck in your head for hours after you watch it. You’ve been warned:

Yep, great dance moves, lyrics and video. No wonder 2 million people have already watched it, and I imagine that number will probably be at least doubled by the end of the year. Well done guys.

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