Backstreet Boys Cruise

The dreams of fifteen year old girls ten years ago can now be realised

Who wouldn’t want to go on a cruise with the Backstreet Boys? It sure sounds like a ‘larger than life’ experience right (lolz)? Well, thanks to the guys over at Rose Tours you now can if you’re free from December 2nd -5th and can get to Miami and have a spare $700 to pay for the cruise? Sound good? Of course it does! Go check out the details at this link as I’m sure you can’t wait any longer to check this out: Backstreet Boys Cruise

This is a flyer from the last Backstreet Boys cruise that happened last year, sorry for any confusion on the dates. Anyway,  the idea of a Backstreet Boys cruise is pretty unbelievable, but at the same time it’s pretty awesome as well although unfortunately on the website I can’t really find any details of what the Backstreet Boys element of the cruise actually is. Like I was kind of expecting a Backstreet Boys concert every night of the cruise (yeah, all 4 of them) but all it says on the website is that there will be a Beach Party with the Backstreet Boys (and a DJ and a buffet – I’m not sure what kind of a beach party feels it necessary to include a buffet though) in Nassau, and doesn’t really give any details of what other interaction you can expect with the Backstreet Boys during the cruise. Will they even be on the cruise?? Or are they only showing up at the Beach Party Buffet?

With this in mind I’m probably going to wait until further details are announced before I book my ticket on the Backstreet Boys Cruise. I probably need to save a bit more money before I even think about it too, as the 700 bucks only includes the cruise, meals and ‘Backstreet Boys Events’ and you have to pay extra for beers or any extra activities you might want to take part in like island tours or scuba diving or whatever people do when they go on cruises in the Bahamas.

Visiting this site also drew to my attention the fact that there are now only FOUR Backstreet Boys. I deduced this by the fact that there are only four of them in each of the promo shots. It explains in the ‘artists’ section of the site – again why even include this section when the Backstreet Boys are the only artists appearing?? – that Kevin Richardson (not the Irish footballer from the 1990’s) left the band (band??) to start a family in 2006. He never really looked like he was fitted in with the band anyway, especially when he had long hair, so it was probably a good move for the Backstreet Boys. Here’s a picture of the Backstreet Boys which kind of accentuates how he didn’t fit in with the rest of them at all. What the hell is he wearing?


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