‘Back To The Future’ Fan Gets Speeding Ticket For Going 88mph In His DeLorean

Spencer White poses in front of his 1982 DeLorean. Samie Gebers/Signal

Great scott.

Anyone who has ever seen ‘Back To The Future’ (pretty much everyone in the world) knows just how cool a DeLorean is and the significance of going 88mph in one, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to hear that a huge ‘Back To The Future’ fan who actually owns a DeLorean was caught speeding at the iconic speed.

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Spencer White from Santa Clarita, California is the man in question and he recently fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams by purchasing a classic 1982 DeLorean. Eager to show off his prized possession to everyone he knew, he decided to take his mother for a ride in it last Friday night at around 9pm. It wasn’t long before he cranked it up to the legendary number, but unfortunately this also resulted in him getting a ticket:

I checked the speedometer after merging onto Highway 14, he checked the speedometer. It read 85 mph.

I thought, let’s take it up to 88 mph. I only got three more miles to go.

I hit 88 mph for a couple of seconds before I saw a California Highway Patrol officer flashing his lights behind me

He pulled me off on the Newhall Avenue exit and was remarkably friendly and smiling loads considering he was a cop.

He asked me how fast I thought I was going.

Then he told him that me that I was going at exactly 88 mph.


All of us started busting up laughing.

Unfortunately he still ended up giving me a ticket – maybe if I had the flux capacitor he would have let me off.

Possibly mate, but I think if you had actually got the flux capacitor then when you hit 88mph you would have been transported into the past/future. I mean, that’s the whole point of the flux capacitor you idiot Spencer. Call yourself a ‘Back To The Future’ fan?

For more on the iconic movie, check out this ‘Back To The Future’ porn parody. Awesome.


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