A Contestant On ‘The Bachelor’ Slammed Her Face Into The Ground During Horrific Sky Diving Accident

It’s a miracle she didn’t break her neck.

Controversial ‘The Bachelor’ contest Rachael Kirkconnell may not be the most popular person on the show, but I don’t think anyone wanted to see her obliterate herself during a horrific skydiving accident, did they?

Well, unfortunately that’s what happened on the show this week, after Rachael went on a skydriving date with this season’s bachelor – businessman Matt James:

How is she not concussed at the very least after that? Her face slammed brutally into the dirt and somehow she seems totally fine? Did they accidentally kill a stunt double filming this scene or something?

There was also no sign of her skydiving instructor/assistant afterwards, asking her if she’s OK or whatever, which was also bizarre because he might actually be a literal child:

Apparently her day got better though, because she ended up lipsing The Bachelor himself, while still reeling from her skydiving accident! Result!

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