Aziz Ansari Responds To Allegations Of Sexual Assault


Aziz Ansari has been a vocal supporter of the #Time’sUp movement, #MeToo movement and generally calling out inappropriate sexual behaviour on Master Of None, so we probably shouldn’t have been that surprised when it turned out that he too was a massive creep. It just always seems to happen to people that support it, almost like clockwork.

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Anyway, a photographer from New York went on a date with Aziz and it ended up being the worst night of her life. You can read the full account here, but it’s really very long and pretty distressing so I won’t posting it here – in short Aziz took her back to his apartment and kept trying to engage in sexual activity with her despite her clearly not being into it and telling him to stop (grabbing her hand and placing it on his dick, forcing her to go down on him, taking both their clothes off despite her saying no are just a few of the situations she describes). This went on for a long time before she was finally allowed to leave.

She texted Ansari the day after to make her feelings known and following that conversation he decided to apologise as he had ‘misread the situation’. After talking with her friends though the unnamed woman decided that what happened to her was sexual assault, and came forward with her story over the weekend. Ansari has responded with the following statement:


Yeah well, again that’s pretty much a non apology right there isn’t it? Well it is, it doesn’t apologise once, although it does explain how Aziz interpreted the situation. He did apologise to the woman via text though, which was also included as part of the story and you can see below (it’s a video):

Not sure what to make of all this. Aziz’s behaviour was definitely creepy and weird and kinda gross and seems to have really upset this unknown woman, but I suppose if he didn’t realise this at the time and immediately acknowledged his wrong doing and apologised you can’t really hold him up in the same light as some people who have also faced allegations.

Doesn’t mean he gets off scott free though. Either way, this woman coming forward and explaining her feelings when she was treated like this will hopefully raise awareness that women shouldn’t be treated like this in situations like that. It’s just unfortunate that this is even a conversation that we need to be having.

For all the latest on sexual misconduct allegations, click here.  There are a lot going around. 


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