International Artists Create Compelling Tributes For Aylan Kurdi, The Drowned Syrian Boy

RIP Aylan Kurdi.

The photo of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish shore shocked the world this past Wednesday. Kurdi, along with his family, were among refugees from Syria who were trying to migrate to Greece for a safer home. Kurdi and his family were actually trying to reach Canada, where his auntie lived, but devastatingly, only his father Abdullah survived as Kurdi, his five year old brother Galip and their mother Rehan drowned.

The photo went viral and Kurdi has now been immortalised as the face of the growing refugee crisis.

Here’s how several artists around the world have paid tribute to him:

Art 1

Art 2

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RIP little man. Seeing a dead baby is probably one of the most unnatural things a person can witness. Let’s hope the image is a kick up the butt for someone, somewhere with the power to make a positive change.


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