Awkward White Kid Fight Is One Of The Greatest Fights In Internet History

This one’s going down as an all-time classic.

I know it might seem hyperbolic to call this one of the greatest fights in Internet history, especially with all the undisputed classics we’ve seen over the years.

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For example:

Two Roommates Beating The Crap Out Of Each Other Over Some Chicken

Two Fat Guys Slugging It Out On The Street

Guy Gets Dashed Through Shop Window During Mad Chicago Street Fight

All worthy contenders of the best Internet fight crown, but we’d be remiss to not throw this one into the mix too. Just two white kids battling it out in the mean streets of, erm, wherever they’re from:

Hardcore stuff. You’ve got to back the little fat kid really as he’s clearly the underdog here. In the end I think he kind of won and lost at the same time? OK yeah they both lost.

P.S. Where are the cops with tasers when you need them? Best way to break up a fight between 2 kids.


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