Watch The Awkward Moment A White Commentator Dropped The N-Bomb On Live TV

That’s not OK.

Clinton supporter and super-liberal Charles Kaiser was attempting to criticise Donald Trump on CNN earlier, and brainlessly dropped the N-word live on air.

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Before he was able to finish his point, Kaiser was interrupted by host Brooke Baldwin, who was pretty upset about it:

Obviously it’s bang out of order to use the N-word in any context other than singing along to your favourite rap song. It also turns out that the guy Kaiser was accusing of using the N-word – Trump’s mate Steve Bannon – never even used it. Kaiser was getting him mixed up with someone else.

Brooke Baldwin was so stunned by it she brought it up again later and (literally?) started crying:

She’s absolutely right that it’s not okay but still, what’s with the OTT emotional reaction? Just a bit weird coming from a white girl. He said it – you told him off, let’s move on.

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