VIDEO: Awesome Turkish Dancers Help Me Beat Winter Blues

Winter Blues SAD

No one likes to be dark and cold for 4 months a year, so watch these Turkish dance lords and bring some sun to your heart and lungs.

Winter Blues SAD

Winter, bloody miserable and minging, dark and depressing winter, cold and crappy, wet and winging winter. The days are finally getting longer but we still have to wait until February until we can leave work while the sun is still shedding its light on us. I don’t suffer from SAD, not technically anyway, but I think all of us feel a bit more perky when the temperature is at least a touch more clement.

The other day, in an attempt to lift the black cloud in my heart and lungs, I was trundling with a tear in my eye through some YouTube videos, as is my want. I had the fortune to click on this little ray of light.  In basic terms it’s just three Turkish guys dancing, but to my mind it brings back all of the wonder of a sizzling summer, a fabulous fiesta and a drunken ding dong. Lordy Lordy, you can’t wipe the smile from my face.

The little fella in the middle, not sure whether he’s a dwarf or a child, but either way he is hot rocking. I think they’re playing spoons as well which is just another facet of awesomeness. The tempo, the melody…. ahhhh… it’s like an audio visual brain banquet. If you don’t have a grin across your cheeks while you watch this you are an idiot, a moron, a plum or possibly clinically depressed. If you’re in the last category, I hope the video still helps a little bit.

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