The Avengers 4 Trailer Has Finally Dropped – And It’s Called Endgame

Avengers Endgame

It’s all on the line.

We’ve been waiting ever since the end of Infinity War to see just what was going to happen to the remaining Avengers and if they were going to have any hope of ever beating Thanos and restoring the lives of half the universe.

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Well, the wait is finally over and it’s here and as has been rumoured for a long time now it’s called Endgame. The trailer itself doesn’t actually give much away about the plot – surprise surprise – but like all trailers like this it’s definitely got us excited and pumped up.

Just check it out:

I mean yeah that is pretty exciting isn’t it? Good to know that Ant Man and Hawkeye will actually be showing up in this one too as I waited pretty much the whole of the last movie for an appearance from either of them – clearly the best Avengers. Kinda worried about Iron Man trapped up there in space all on his own though. Hope he manages

For more Avengers, check out Russia’s answer to them right here. Actually looks pretty exciting.


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