Australian Prostitute Reveals The Weirdest Clients She’s Ever Encountered

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Obviously if you’re a prostitute then you’re going to end up having sex with a hell of a lot of people and some of them are going to be the kind of people that just can’t get what they want from conventional partners. Some people call them freaks.

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These are the weirdos you want to hear about and that’s exactly what an unnamed Australian prostitute decided to tell us all about when she decided to take part in a Reddit AMA recently. Here’s what she decided to reveal:


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I used to have a spiral staircase in my Perth apartment. One client used to like sitting underneath it and jack off while I walked up and down the staircase. He had an upskirt fetish.

I’ve had phone calls from dudes requesting incest role play, but I always turn these down – I don’t have it in me to act it out. I have a few brothers. I remember watching Gladiator with one of them. That was awkward for us.

The worst client I ever had was unattractive for the following reasons: His hair was greasy. He had poor complexion. Even though he had showered, I had to literally scrub his dick with baby wipes to get rid of the smegma. He was skinny but unhealthy.

To add, he was a mouth breather. Like kept exhaling in my mouth while we were kissing. I asked him repeatedly to breathe through his nose but eventually he just shrugged and said, ‘I guess I can only breathe out of my mouth’.

There was another guy who took a phone call from his wife when he was in bed next to me too. That made me really annoyed and uncomfortable and things got kinda awkward between us.


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Yeah I mean surely having sex with rank guys and unhappy married guys is part and parcel of being a female prostitute? At least that’s kind of what I assumed it would entail. Surely most other people are just having sex with their wives or girlfriends or able to go out there and pick up a girl at the club fairly easily?

Kinda disappointed with the weirdest guys she’s encountered too except for the guy with the upskirt fetish to be honest. For a prostitute it sounds like she has a remarkably vanilla sex life if those are the craziest things that she’s ever had to deal with.

It sounds as if she’s earning a pretty good living from her side job though – making around $3000 a week from charging clients $550 for the first hour, $1050 for the next then $300 for each additional hour. She reckons that she’s had sex with over 1200 – most of them straight up missionary by the sounds of things – and wants to save up enough money so she can head to Florida to do her Masters. Sure.

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