Australian Biker Gets Huge Splinter Stuck In Leg; Doesn’t Even Flinch And Drives 3 Hours To Hospital

Splinter Leg


There are a lot of dangers associated with riding dirt bikes around forests, but you would think that if you were wearing all the correct protective gear that getting a splinter through your shin probably wasn’t one of them.

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Not so, as some dirt bike rider over in Australia named Dan unfortunately discovered. He was riding along when he powered past the wrong branch and blammo, there’s a huge stick sticking out of his leg which would probably be enough to make me bawl my eyes out.

In fairness to this guy though, he doesn’t even break a sweat as this guy yanks it out, even though it looks like it was far enough into his leg that it almost came out the other side. That’s not to mention he has to ride for another three hours before he even gets any medical attention:

What a hard bastard – wouldn’t want to cross him after a few drinks in the nightclub. Love the incessant commentary from the guy filming it as well and how he just gets shot down by the guy who suffered the actual injury ‘don’t bother let’s just go’. Straight down to business, I like it.

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