Australia Is Planning To Build A Skyscraper Inspired By Beyonce

Beyonce is the most overrated human on the planet.

An Australian company named Elenberg Fraser is planning to build a 78-storey skyscraper near Melboune’s Southern Cross railway, featuring curvaceous structures inspired by Beyonce.

The Premier Tower will house apartments, shops and hotel rooms and was apparently inspired by Beyonce’s ‘Ghost’ video where she holds a piece of black fabric in front of a wind machine.

The skyscraper should take around 14 months to complete.


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Cool idea I guess? Not really. Sounds like an Onion article but it’s totally legit apparently. I guess the architects in Australia are feeling a little uninspired when someone goes “I know, let’s make a building that looks like Beyonce”. Sounds like a bunch of builders got drunk one night and that Beyonce song came on and then they just dreamed this up on the spot. Only thing is they didn’t laugh it off the next morning, they’re actually going through with it.

The people behind these awesome creations at the World Architecture Festival are face-palming so hard right now.


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