Aussie Billionaires Fight In The Street Over Miranda Kerr

Two Aussie childhood friends who are now both media mogul billionaires beat the crap out of each other in a street fight over super model Miranda Kerr.

Two of Australia’s richest men had it out with each other in a street brawl this week after falling out when one of the men left his wife for supermodel Miranda Kerr.

James Packer and Daviod Gyngell, childhood friends who both went on to become media moguls, fell out after Gyngell (the best man at Packer’s wedding) took offence after hearing his buddy left his wife for the model, who herself is Orlando Bloom’s ex wife.

The two of them had to be separated by bodyguards and were fined £280 each for ‘offensive behaviour’. That’ll teach those billionaire scoundrels. Mr Gyngell accepted the fight was his fault and that he was just upset over his friend’s mistreatment of his ex-wife.

Makes you wonder though. Either this guy is an awesome friend/best man who is genuinely massively disappointed in his mate for leaving his wife for Miranda Kerr or he’s just insanely jealous. I mean my girlfriend knows that if Natalie Dormer so much as looks at me then it’s game over for our relationship. Similarly if Leonardo DiCaprio went after my girlfriend I would gladly bow out because that’s just the reality of life — Leo crushes me on every level and I’d be a sore loser to not let my girlfriend go and enjoy the rest of her days with a Hollywood A-lister. Can’t be hating on people for making completely obvious life choices.

Could be completely wrong about that though. Only way to find out is to set a supermodel trap for Mr Gyngell and see if he takes the bait. But at the end of the day you can’t begrudge a man — least of all your best friend — for leaving his wife for Miranda Kerr.

So what do we think – greatest best man of all time or just jealous?

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