AT&T Bundles & Packages: Internet, TV, Wireless, And More



If you are looking for a top-notch internet connection and telecommunication services in America, then look no further than AT&T.

AT&T brings everything that you need in a telecom provider to the table.

High internet speeds? Check.

Reliable service connectivity? Check.

Seamless wireless devices? Check.

Ease of upgrading your phone? Check.


What’s more? The dependable AT&T customer service makes the entire experience even better for you.

Hence, no reason for you to overlook the provider.

In this read today, we will be navigating you through the entire AT&T universe. From the availability to the internet plans and bundles, we mean everything! Just keep on reading to find out.

AT&T Availability Map

Let’s start from the basics – where are AT&T services available across America? Find the answer below.

Alabama Kentucky Oklahoma
Arkansas Louisiana South Carolina
California Michigan Tennessee
Florida Mississippi Texas
Georgia Missouri Wisconsin
Illinois Nevada Kansas
Indiana North Carolina Ohio


Did you spot your state? Then continue reading to find out more about AT&T and its internet plans.

AT&T Fiber Internet

When it comes to internet services, AT&T stands a class apart, and all thanks to its complete fiber-optic connection. With reliable connectivity and the highest internet speeds, it makes an excellent choice for every individual with diverse internet needs. So what options do you have with AT&T?

Here are the plans offered by AT&T.

Internet Plan Download Speeds Connection Type
AT&T 300 300 Mbps Fiber
AT&T 500 500 Mbps Fiber
AT&T 1 GIG Up to 1 Gig (1000 Mbps) Fiber
AT&T 2 GIG 2 Gig (2000 Mbps) Fiber
AT&T 5 GIG 5 Gig (5000 Mbps) Fiber


With the maximum speeds up to 5 Gig – nothing is impossible.

Stream as much as you want, with the ultra-fast internet supported by cutting-edge technology. It’s 2023, why limit yourself to sluggish internet?

What Comes with AT&T Internet Plans?

Nothing ends at fiber internet at AT&T. There’s so much that you get with AT&T Internet.

AT&T All-Fi

Welcome to the new world of AT&T Internet Air. The All-Fi HubTM by AT&T connects you to AT&T’s internet network ensuring your seamless connectivity to the internet. AT&T brings only the best to its customers.

AT&T ActiveArmor Internet Security

Internet security is nothing to be taken lightly and AT&T surely understands the need. All AT&T plans come included with AT&T ActiveArmorSM to make sure your network stays protected from any potential malware.

Unlimited Internet Data

Say no to data caps with AT&T. No matter what plan you opt for, you don’t have to worry about data caps and enjoy your speeds to the maximum.

AT&T Wireless Internet

When you are looking for the best wireless internet provider, it is hard to miss out on AT&T. And all credit to its most affordable, and quality wireless plans options. Don’t believe us? Read below to find out.

AT&T Unlimited Plans

Here are the AT&T Unlimited Your Way wireless plans!

Unlimited Your Way Plan Hotspot Data
AT&T Unlimited PremiumSM Plan 50GB per line
AT&T Unlimited Extra® Plan 15GB per line
AT&T Unlimited Starter® Plan 3GB per line


What Comes with AT&T Unlimited Your Way?

AT&T values the customer needs and only thrives to bring the best to the table. With AT&T Unlimited wireless plans you get the following perks.

5G Internet Access

With the fastest wireless speeds, AT&T brings 5G internet speeds. The highest and the best when it comes to wireless.

AT&T ActiveArmorSM Mobile Internet Security

Who says your mobile internet needs no security? Not AT&T at least! The provider ensures all the customers and their internet networks are always secure with AT&T ActiveArmorSM.

Everything Unlimited

What’s unlimited with AT&T Unlimited Your Way? It’s everything.

Unlimited Data ✓ (For US, Canada & Mexico)

Unlimited Talk Time ✓ (For US, Canada & Mexico)

Unlimited Texting ✓ (US & 200+ Countries)

AT&T Internet & DirecTV Bundles

Pair up your blazing-fast AT&T Internet with DirecTV. Not only do you get to combine the services, but also get the best price to save up.

Here are the AT&T Internet and DirecTV bundling options for you to choose from.


Internet Speed


What’s More

AT&T 300




300 Mbps


165+ Channels

·      DVR

·      Local Channels

·      Premium Channels at Affordable Prices

AT&T 300




300 Mbps


200+ Channels

·      DVR

·      Local Channels

·      Premium Channels at Affordable Prices

·      Regional Sports Networks

Wrapping Up

AT&T is one of the leading telecommunication providers in the US and it earns its rightful reputation for being one of the best. If you have AT&T available in your area, then most certainly it can be the choice for all your telecom needs. Connect to the best to enjoy a hassle-free experience!





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