Atriox Is Unlike Any Villain Ever Seen Before In The Halo Universe


Know your enemy.

Halo Wars 2 burst onto the scene a few weeks ago and people have been blown away by how it’s completely redefined the real time strategy genre of video games.

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However, perhaps the most interesting and different variation on both the original Halo Wars and other instalments of the franchise is the emergence of the main villain in the game – a badass mofo by the name of Atriox – and the story of how he came to hold such a powerful position within the Halo universe as leader of the Banished. He differs from traditional Halo enemies as not only is he a powerful, monstrous brute, but he’s also supremely intelligent, making going up against him a challenge in more ways than one.

Atriox is originally a powerful Jiralhanae warlord who actually fought for the Covenant during their war against humanity, which is where he developed his tactical acumen. However, he began to resent his superiors after his clan was repeatedly sent into battle to storm enemy positions in order to clear the way for follow up attacks. These missions would inevitably end up becoming suicide missions for all those involved, until Atriox began to return from them as the sole survivor.

His near invincibility caused his elevation to legendary status amongst many of the fighters in the Covenant, and this coupled with his increasing hatred towards them eventually led to the ordering of his execution. Atriox managed to thwart this though with the help of other Jiralhanae, who immediately swore allegiance to him and became the group known as the Banished. Over the next decade, he gradually began to build up his forces by attacking both the UNSC and The Covenant and recruiting anyone who wanted to fight for him, as well as building up his supplies and resources.

Following the collapse of the Covenant Empire in 2552, Atriox and the Banished saw an opportunity to fill the power vacuum that emerged, and they took it with both hands. He quickly gained the loyalty of The Silent Shadow – a Special Operations division – as well as commandeering the CAS class assault carrier Enduring Conviction, all whilst hiding in the shadows and never really revealing his true identity to the outside world. By 2558, he was ready to reveal his presence, storming The Ark and adding both its mining and resource extracting operations and portal network to his ever increasing empire.

This is where the player comes in as the crew of the Spirit Of Fire from the original Halo Wars, who have been cryogenically frozen until this time. If Atriox doesn’t sound like an intimidating villain already, then check out this trailer of his origins, showing just how brutal he can be when it comes to getting up close and personal:

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Geez – how the hell are you going to manage to beat him? He looks virtually unstoppable, but if you’re willing to give it a shot then the action will take place across 13 new single player missions set on the legendary Halo location of the Ark.

As you might expect in a game that is the sequel to the legendary Halo Wars, the action combines the fast and frenetic nature of the Halo series with a revolutionary take on the real time strategy genre. Players will have to build bases, amass armies and lead their troops into humongous battles across multiple fronts over huge alien environments.

In order to succeed against Atriox, you’ll have to learn multiple new battle strategies and command your forces effectively, swiftly making decisions as the course of battle changes instantly on the field. You’ll need all your cunning, guile and power to overwhelm a bad guy like Atriox, because he isn’t taking any prisoners here.

Think you’re up to it? If so, then Halo Wars 2 can be ordered over here. Know your enemy.


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