At The Drive In Play A Show

Big news!

So, chances are you probably got really wet when you heard that At The Drive In and Refused were reforming and playing Coachella back at the start of the year or whenever it happened. Then you probably dried up a little bit when you realised Coachella was a fvcking lame festival in California and cost about a million bucks that you didn’t have to go to. You probably got a bit more excited when you heard they were playing Reading Festival but not that excited because you’re probably in your mid 20’s and the thought of going to Reading Festival with a bunch of 16 year olds again made you want to kill yourself. You’re probably still thinking about it though because you know At The Drive In are like your favourite band and to see them would just be, I dunno, so hip right?  (TIP: Go to Benicassim)

Anyway, to get everyone even more super duper excited they played a show a couple of nights ago to warm up for Coachella in Austin Texas. I guess it would have got people really excited if At The Drive In didn’t look so fvcking bored in the video. Everyone else seems to be having a good time though.

Check it out below:

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