At Last! Someone’s Created The Tie Fighter Drone And It Looks Completely AWESOME

The Tie Fighter drone has landed, people.

Drones are so current it’s unbelievable. They cover all spectra of entertainment; first you’ve got the awful factual drone wars that America are raging on the world, then you’ve got novelty drones made out of dead ostriches for the LOLz and finally beautiful new perspectives on rarely visited places brought to us from the cameras of drones.

This is the next and inevitable step I guess: making drones that look like your favourite sci-fi crafts. I saw a Millennium Falcon drone recently which didn’t really do it for me, Tie Fighters are way cooler than that bucket of junk Falcon. Han Solo was an arrogant prick if you ask me. (Yeah, go on, hate me).

Here’s the Tie Fighter drone in action. And no, they’re not available in the shops yet I’m afraid, you’ll have to make your own:

OK, so it’s not as fast as I was hoping and it doesn’t make that cool noise, but it’s better than nothing.


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