Asshole Throws Dog Across The Street During Fight; Dog Comes Back And Goes Wild On Him

Dog Attacks Man

This dog is straight up SAVAGE.

Street fights are regular occurrences – it seems like we post a video of one almost every day – but I’ve never seen one where a dog gets involved. I’ve never seen one where one of the participants has the time and space to pick up the other’s dog and throw it through the air and out of the vicinity of the fight, or one where the dog reacts like it does in this one.

This is straight up one of the rowdiest most brutal fights we’ve featured on the site and I don’t even know why. No info, just a black dude fighting a hair metal guy (I think) on the street and really going for it. The black dude even manages to pick up his dog and throw it across the street like it was an American football as part of the fight but he isn’t ready for what happens after that.

Instead of being a pussy and licking his wounds, the dog is right back up and joins in with the fight, savagely biting the black dude and refusing to let go until the fight is broken up. In fact people are holding the dog back from going back in and and not any of the human competitors which makes a change. Serves the asshole right anyway – who the hell throws a dog through the air like that?

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I guess that’s why they call them man’s best friend. I would have liked to see that dude try this on the Hulk – the biggest dog in the world – but mainly so I could have seen the repercussions.


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