The Person Who Burnt ASOS Fashion Warehouse To The Ground Destroyed £20 Million Worth Of Stock

As Asos resumes trading, the extent of the damage caused by the fire is revealed.

Asos has started taking orders again today after the whole business was put on hold over the weekend following a fire at its warehouse in Barnsley.

The full extent of the damage has been revealed — 20% of stock held on the site (about 70% of Asos’ overall stock) was completely destroyed. That’s £20 MILLION worth of stock that’s gone up in flames. Asos’ shares also fell by almost 1%.

On the plus side, none of the technology, automation or structure of the building was affected by the fire.

Police believe the fire was started deliberately. Apparently Asos don’t have the best reputation in the local area, owing to low pay/high work rate and the frequency in which they fire and hire employees so that could be an avenue they’re exploring.

asos fire

asos fire 4

asos fire 5

asos fire 6

Here’s the message Asos had displayed on their web page until they resumed trading earlier this morning:

asos fire 3


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