Charlie Sheen gets a twitter yesterday, Ashton Kutcher’s twitter gets hacked today. Slow news day.

Not to be outdone by Mark Zuckerberg getting hacked and somewhere amid his training regime preparing for the end of days, Ashton Kutcher managed to get his personal twitter account hacked by some unknown geeky hacker during TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) 2011.

The hacker managed to post two tweets to Kutcher’s 6 and a half million followers:

“Ashton, you’ve been Punk’d. This account is not secure. Dude, where’s my SSL?”

followed by:

“P.S. This is for those young protesters around the world who deserve not to have their Facebook & Twitter accounts hacked like this. #SSL

SSL refers to the Secure Sockets Layer which is some geeky term that means his connection was unsecure and it was really easy for his twitter to be hacked. It’s kind of suspicious though that it’s now sixteen hour after the even and still nothing has been done about it though and the tweets are still there? What does it mean? Who knows? You would think that one of the most followed people on twitter would have this sorted out for him by now, right?

In any case, the message is clear kids: secure your connections (whatever that means)! If Ashton Kutcher can get hacked, so can you. Why anyone would want to hack YOU is beyond me though.


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