Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis’s Baby Girl Has Been Born — What A Day!

Finally, the day has come.

It’s happened. It’s really happened! You knew it was going to be a joyous day when these two lovebirds brought their baby girl into the world and now finally that day has come. No mention of the baby’s name yet but you just know it’s gonna be the best baby name ever. How could it not be? What a day. What a fucking day.

And how sweet is life gonna be for the baby? Born to a super fit mum who was in That 70’s Show and Black Swan and a cool dad who was also in That 70’s Show and Butterfly Effect which was a pretty sick movie. Parents don’t get much cooler than that. Not to mention this little girl is gonna have her pick of the boys when she’s older.

What else can you say really? Some people are born into greatness, others are born on the pavement outside Primark in Birmingham. Such is life.


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