Mugshots Throughout The Years Show Armed Robber’s Life Of Crime Beginning At Age 13

10 years after becoming the youngest person in Middlesbrough to receive an Asbo, here’s what Dale Carter’s mugshot history looks like.

23 year old Dale Carter became the youngest person in Middlesbrough to ever be handed an ASBO after terrorising the town’s Pallister Park estate at age 13.

That was 10 years ago, and since then Dale Carter has moved on from ASBO-style pettiness to full on armed robbery and police chases. In fact the guy has racked up convictions for 114 offences in just 10 years.

It all finally caught up with him when he robbed a corner shop recently and was busted and jailed for 4 years – his longest stretch thus far.

A group of mugshots released this week show Dale aged 13, 15, 17, 19 and 23 — basically a photo history throughout the years of the times he’s been arrested.

Here he is aged 13:

Mugshot 1

Age 15:

Mugshot 2

Age 17:

Mugshot 3

Age 19:

Mugshot 4

Most recently, age 23:

Mugshot 5

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Pretty shocking record for anyone let alone a 23 year old; his own barrister even described his record as “abysmal”.

Though it might not seem very likely at this point, here’s hoping Dale can turn his life around on his next release. Surely terrorising your neighbours and corner shops gets boring eventually, doesn’t it?

Will his criminal record be outdone by that gangster white kid who chills on street corners pretending he’s Meek Mill? Could happen I reckon.


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