As If WWE Owner Linda McMahon Is Being Tipped For A Position In Trump’s Cabinet


This election just gets dumber by the minute.

As if the furore about Donald Trump’s election couldn’t get any stupider, it’s being widely speculated that he’s going to appoint WWE owner Linda McMahon to his cabinet when it’s announced.

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McMahon will take a position in the hugely vital Commerce Department and at least has some vague experience in the political arena, having twice stood as a Republican candidate for the Senate in her home state of Connecticut. She made no secret of her support for Trump during the campaign, openly admitting that the McMahons had contributed $7million to Trump’s campaign fund. Maybe think about that next time you’re watching the WWE.

Linda was at Trump’s victory party at his HQ in New York City on tuesday night too, tweeting the following:

Yuck. She’s previously commented on how he’s a very loyal and great friend to her, so it kind of seems like a no brainer that he’ll find a position for her on the cabinet somewhere. I mean that’s how politics works right, just rich people doing favours for each other essentially? Others tipped for the Commerce Department include Larry Kudlow of news network CNBC, Wilbur Ross, a Trump economic advisor, and Dan DiMicco, former CEO of steelmaker Nucor Corp.

I’ll be honest I got no idea who any of those people are, but I’m sure if they’re all mates with Trump then it’s going to be a great team right? Ugh.

For something that might cheer you up a little bit, here’s Vince McMahon doing the ice bucket challenge a couple of years ago. Frosty.


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