Artist Who Stashed £2,500 Of PPE Refuses To Give Any To NHS As She Needs It For Art

How inconsiderate can you get?

An ‘artist’ who stockpiled £2,500 worth of PPE including 500 pairs of gloves and 100s of face masks is refusing to give any to the NHS, saying they should have been more prepared for a pandemic.

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Becca Brown, 35, from Portsmouth, has started selling some of the kit on – for 500% profit in some cases. But she’s keeping most of the equipment for herself as she needs it for her ‘art’.

Becca says friends have alienated her as a result of her refusal to donate any of her stash, which she keeps under lock and key. She told The Sun:

The few friends I have shown it to are stunned at the amount of kit I have got and have told me I should donate some to the NHS which is running short.

They’re shocked when I’ve said, “I am sorry, I just won’t do that”.

It’s not my job to ensure the NHS have proper protective personal equipment. That’s the government’s job.

She added:

I need my PPE kit to protect myself and for my art exhibition, and won’t donate it to the NHS. I am putting together an exhibition based on the coronavirus and the items the NHS use every day is my canvas. I make absolutely no apology because, as an artist, I have to stand by my work and my right to buy what I want.

This is what she qualifies as art, btw:

The way you know this lady is a crazy attention-seeker is that she’s sold this story to The Sun even though she’s fully aware of the abuse she’ll get over it (her own friends have told her what a dick she is FFS). Is this some kind of sick marketing ploy for her dodgy coronavirus-themed artwork?

Not sure what’s more shocking TBH – ruining perfectly good PPE so as to inflict awful modern art on the world or her refusal to help the NHS out at a time when the country is so desperate for PPE that chartered flights have been bringing it from China to the UK daily.

How inconsiderate can you get? Well, quite a bit more if this coronavirus house party with 1000 attendees is anything to go by,


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