Arthur C Clarke’s ‘Amazing World’ – Interview Special


Arthur C Clarke was a sci-fi legend, he also loved unexplainable shizzle. Here’s a video of interviews with ‘normal’ people about their paranormal encounters.


Most of you will have heard of Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but not many people will know that he also invented the communications satellite. Even fewer people probaly know he also had an interest in the the paranormal and all that X-Files jazz. He emigrated to Sri Lanka later in life to go diving and generally stop doing work and stuff. But whilst he was there he managed to discover an underwater temple that had never been seen before and he was also knighted by Queeny of Elizabeth numero II in ’98. A bit of a fuckin’ doode yeah?

Well, he also released a TV series called ‘Mysterious World‘ in 1980 where he looked skeptically at ‘unexplained’ phenomenon. He was always pretty dismissive of alien theories and powers from beyond the ether etc, he just kind of liked the idea of them really. He seems like a good fella, open minded. But the sections of the episodes that I really, personally, absolutely, 100% loved the most were the interviews. He managed to meet with members of the general public that confessed to strange sightings. Although 32 years ago isn’t so far back , the interviews already seem so foreign and dated. The people are awesome and the subject matter is electric.

I know you think I’m a bell-end for loving this shit, but it’s about time you converted. You’d have a lot easier time of it if you would just spark a doozy for the premiere yeah? So the following 7 minute 21 second feature is a ‘best of’ compilation cut from the interviews in two episodes named ‘Monsters of the Deep’ and ‘The Missing Apeman’.

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