Arron Banks Kicked Out Of UKIP For Claiming Paul Nuttall ‘Couldn’t Kick The Skin Off A Rice Pudding’

Ukip annual conference 2015

Most brutal insult of all time.

UKIP has been a bit of a shambles for the last couple of years with Farage in and out and then stepping down and nobody really filling the void, but it seems like they’ve perhaps reached their lowest point today. This comes after controversial businessman Arron Banks was kicked out of the party for claiming Paul Nuttall ‘couldn’t kick the skin off a rice pudding’. Embarrassing.

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Nobody would doubt that those are particularly harsh words indeed, but it seems a bit of an overreaction – it’s more likely that this was the tipping point in a long running dispute between Banks and UKIP, despite his generous donations to the organisation, rather than an actual reaction to him using that phrase. Banks had already recently announced that he would be standing against the party’s only MP Douglas Carswell in Clacton after repeatedly clashing with him, which probably wasn’t too good for party unity.

It’s expected that Banks going to start his own party, as he also frequently questioned how UKIP was run and offered to run it himself in the past. Clearly not too happy with the organisation at all, although they were more than happy to take millions of pounds of his money. Typical.

Banks’ future intentions were hinted at in the tweets he sent out this morning to confirm his departure:

UKIP 2.0 eh? This was later confirmed by the official statement that Brown released, which said the following:

The party has somehow managed to lapse my membership despite having given considerably more than the annual membership this year!

On reapplying I was told the membership was suspended pending my appearance at the NEC meeting.

Apparently my comments about the party being run like a squash club committee and Mr Carswell have not gone down well!

I realise I was being unfair to squash clubs all over the U.K, and I apologise to them.

We will concentrate on our new movement.

Well that certainly sounds promising – and even had a great little bit of ‘banter’ thrown in t00 – but do we really need another offshoot of UKIP? It’s gonna be fun to watch the politics of this country in the next couple of years, isn’t it?

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