This broke the previous world record of 20.

Football is going crazy in South America. Not only did we have the Peruvian poison plot a couple of months ago – in which a second division team tried to poison their rivals in the playoffs – but now we have an Argentinian referee who incredibly manages to send off 36 players after a football match turned into a brawl in a particularly bad natured game between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas in the Argentinian fifth division.

With Claypole leading 2-0 in the second half, the players from each team began fighting each other. They were soon joined by the fans, who jumped over the barriers and joined in with the action. The referee Damien Rubano had no choice but to send off every player, manager, coach, substitute and member of the technical staff, breaking the world record for number of sendings off in a match in the process. This was previously held by a referee from Paraguay, who sent off 20 people in a 1993 match.

Check out footage of the incident below:



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