Woman leaves baby on train track to try and avoid paying the train fare

In an attempt to avoid paying a train fare, the woman dubbed ‘Argentina’s Worst Mother’ lowered herself and her baby daughter onto the train tracks to try and hide from ticket collectors at a Buenos Aries station. However, the woman quickly realised that a train was heading into the station and quickly scrambled back onto the platform – leaving her baby on the track! Fortunately, much like the man who was pulled out of the way of the metro last month, the baby managed to crawl underneath the platform and avoid being run over; however the mother clearly wasn’t so sure of her safety as you can see her peering over the edge looking for her after the train pulls up into the station in this shocking surveillance video that was released on Friday:


The train company cut the electric current to the track immediately and were able to send a rescue team out to recover the baby, who was said to be ‘terrified but unharmed.’ A spokesperson for the train company, Guillermo D’Abenigno stated that this kind of behaviour wasn’t that unusual: ‘people do all kinds of things to get out of paying the fare.’ Wow. How much does it cost to get the train over there?


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