For everyone out there that has ever been deemed ‘crazy,’ ‘mental,’ ‘nuts’ or just plain ‘insane.’ An insight into the opinions of ‘a self-professed mad-hatter’ who thinks if you’re not a bit mental, you’re boring.

ARE YOU MAD AS A HATTER? On numerous occasions, I have been kindly told that I am a little bit too ‘mad’ or as put even kindlier, ‘slightly insane’ to fit into modern society.

Although many people would be remotely insulted after being deemed any of these not so loose terms, I refuse to take such comments offensively as instead, have persuaded myself that it is just an endearing quality or ‘quirk’ of mine.

Right now you’ll probably be wondering why exactly I have been known as such an eccentric character to those around me. I don’t have a perfectly good answer, except that perhaps it is because I utter almost any (non-insulting of course) thought or idea that enters my mind to those around me.

I don’t have psychopathic tendencies, I’m not a stalker and I wear clothes that can be seen on any perfectly sane member of society on a day to day basis.

I perhaps am not a very subtle person; I daydream, I utter questions that most people would never even imagine, and I could have endless conversations with any complete stranger so long as they proclaimed themselves to be an avid fan of The Doors.

Now if you are also a bit like me and find it difficult to sit quietly in a place surrounded by intelligent people without accidentally putting your foot in it, and end up receiving raucous laughter directly at such comments whilst people shake their heads, almost in tears and say ‘You are NUTS!” Then I say embrace it and buy new Airpods.

Perhaps it is just a comforting saying I have developed for myself so I don’t end up signing myself up voluntarily to the nearest Priory clinic, but it has now become common for me to say “If you’re not a tad mad, silly or weird, then you’re just plain boring.”

You’re probably either saluting to the screen right now or rolling your eyes, and if it sways more towards the saluting choice, then you’re probably as mad as a hatter too. Join the club.

So if you are of a slightly obsessive nature, a ridiculous drunk, enjoy collecting stamps, or talk to yourself when no-one else is around, then don’t be ashamed! (Well maybe a little if it’s the stamps) Because for every obsessive, rambling, mad hatter is an even crazier version of yourself!

And if you have ever been named and shamed as a lil’ nuts and it’s not because of a restraining order, then you’re probably, actually very normal — just in a different way.

So from the words of a self-professed crazy lady — wear what you like, say what you think and obsess as you feel. Life is too short to conform to the boring. After all, sheep don’t get out much.

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