Scientists Have Found A Crystal That Can Let You Breathe Underwater

Say goodbye to your scuba gear.

It’s annoying how water is full of oxygen and yet humans can’t breathe underwater (try it for yourself here). I guess fish feel the same way about not being able to breathe on land, but whereas they probably have to live with that forever, we won’t thanks to a team of scientists in Denmark.

They’ve discovered a bizarre crystal with the label [{(bpbp)Co2II(NO3)}2(NH2bdc)](NO3)2 * 2H2O, which they are awesomely referring to as the ‘Aquaman Crystal’. It has an amazing oxygen absorption capacity; in fact one spoonful of the stuff can steal all the oxygen out of the room.

This could potentially be huge for deep sea and space exploration, but also for medicine, for example, lung patients who have to carry heavy oxygen tanks around.

Right now, this crystal has a way too highly complicated chemical formula to produce on a large scale, but it sure is exciting anytime a discovery like this is made.

We just hope we don’t have to fight off any feisty sharks when we’re exploring the deep sea with our Aquaman crystals.


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