This Is What Happens When You Drop An Apple Watch On The Floor

Apple Watch Drop Test

We’ll give you one guess.

Following on with the tradition that whenever Apple releases a new product then somebody has to do a drop test immediately to see how tough it is – check out the results of the iPhone 6 drop test here – some dude has decided to see just how durable the Apple Watch is.

The answer – like with most Apple products – is not very. Sure, you have to drop it on its screen face first for it to damage fully because the watch strap is normally powerful enough to protect it in these circumstances, but if it hit’s screen first then it looks like it’s pretty much game over. It only needs to fall three feet and is smashed up completely and utterly beyond repair. I also don’t think you can get a protective case for it like you can with an iPhone.

I probably wasn’t going to buy an Apple Watch in any case but this video has just rubber stamped that decision. Waste of time.

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