Apple store fakery that isn’t actually a con of any sort has been found in China.

Apple products (WARNING: SHAMELESS PROMOTION like the iPad 2 we’re giving away)are highly sought after. I think that much we can agree on whether you love them or hate them: they are popular. Fact. And some genius’ in China decided to exploit this with what I think is a genius plan.

It was recently exposed that there was a fake Apple store in Kunming, China. A sharp-eyed blogger noticed the oddity when in the store due to many tell tale signs that wouldn’t be present in a real Apple store such as the sign: it was the Apple logo with ‘Apple Store’ printed underneath — something you’d never see in a genuine Apple shop. The blogger also noted that the stairs were of poor quality and the paintjob was, to put it plainly, crap. The blogger,

The story has progressed in recent days as a clerk at the store has spoken out saying: “It doesn’t make much of a difference for us whether we’re authorized or not, I just care that what I sell every day are authentic Apple products, and that our customers don’t come back to me to complain about the quality of the products.” So, it’s a fake store, selling genuine products. I can’t help but think, what’s the point? They could have set up shop for a few weeks selling knock-off products for extortionate prices and make a million. But, no. I clearly have a criminal mind. It could even be possible for the store to be granted authorisation to sell the products! However, at this time it still isn’t authorised and I think with the media attention it’s receiving Apple aren’t going to be too kind in granting such a privilege. In fact, I think they could throw a minor bitch fit.

UPDATE: Customers return and they aren’t happy. Refunds galore!


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