Antlered Man sent us an email a couple of weeks asking us to feature their video. Better late than never I guess huh?

A couple of weeks ago these guys in Antlered Man emailed us and said they were really big fans of the site and asked us to plug their new video for the song Platoono of Uno. I was like ‘Ok, sure, whatever, you don’t really like the site, see ya later.’ But then a couple of days later they gave us a follow friday on twitter so I was suddenly like ‘Aw yeah, these guys are legit they actually like the site! Maybe I should plug their video?’

I guess something came up though because I didn’t bother plugging it but I felt bad so here it is in all it’s glory. I don’t really know anything about this band but it kinda sounds like that kind of art indie music that was doing the rounds in the mid noughties to me – you know stuff like Cooper Temple Clause and 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster. I never really cared for that music back then and I don’t really care for it now, although the Cooper Temple Clause did have some cool hairstyles and a couple of club bangers.

But yeah Antlered Man, it’s kinda weird and a bit art rock and a bit indie so maybe you’ll be into it? Their press release describes them as a cross between System Of A Down and Future of the Left which I guess is an accurate description and more fitting than mine. So if you’re into either of those bands check out the video below.  The video is kinda weird too and has too many close ups of somebody’s mouth for my liking, but you know I guess they’re going for the kooky aesthetic or whatever.  If this video turns you into an Antlered Man fan then go check out their Facebook page here. They’re going on tour in March and look like they might actually become an underground sensation or something in the future akin to the popularity of the Cooper Temple Clause in the early-mid  noughties. Go check them out now and tell all your friends you knew them before they were famous. It’s the hip thing to do.

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